1. How much is it?

We offer 2 hour cruises. The 8 passenger pontoon is $280 for 2 hours  and the 9 passenger pontoon is $300 for 2 hours . The 2,5-hour firework cruise is $500 per boat .

There is a 9% Chicago Lease Transaction Tax. We will also put a $500 hold on your credit card to ensure the boat will be returned undamaged. Enjoy the boats but please care for them so others can enjoy them too.


2. What are available cruise times?

Please click on each boat to find what cruise times are available. We are open 7 days a week from 9am to midnight.



3. Are boats easy to drive?

Driving pontoon boats is often compared to driving a golf cart. If you can drive a car you will find driving our boats very easy. Pontoons are very stable, sturdy and go 15MPH max. Prior to departure you will receive an on-boat training to ensure you feel comfortable.


4. Where can the boat go?

The boats can go on anywhere on the Chicago River. Our boats are not allowed on the lake. During your on-boat orientation a staff member will suggest the best route for your cruise taking into account the weather, your time frame and your interests. Each boat is supplied with a Chicago River map for easy navigation. A good rule of thumb is: go as far as you want and turn around at 1 hour- to ensure a timely return.


5. What is passenger, weight limit on the boats?

The 8 passenger pontoon can accommodate 8 people, that includes children and infants and is not negotiable (per USCG rules). The weight limit is 1145 LBS.

The 9 passenger pontoon can accommodate 9 people, including children and infants and is not negotiable (per USCG rules). The weight limit is 1290 LBS.


6. What are driver/ captain requirements?

The designated driver (captain) must be 21 or older with a valid photo ID or Driver’s License. No exceptions. The driver MUST NOT consume alcohol beverages during and before the cruise. The driver must have a credit card in his/ her name that we will put a $500 hold on (damage deposit).  We reserve the right to refuse the service if we find the driver unfit.

7. Are there bathrooms on board?

No. We have bathrooms at our docks for your convenience. It is also prohibited for you to dock anywhere else except of our docks, even to use the restroom, so please plan accordingly.


8. What is the location?

Our docks are located at 2120 S. Canal St, Chicago, IL 60616, behind LAWRENCE’S FISH AND SHRIMP RESTAURANT.

Please enter the parking lot adjacent to the restaurant parking (behind the black fence) and proceed towards the restaurant. While facing the restaurant keep to the right and go down the stairs towards the docks. Our host will assist you from there. Please respect the restaurant patrons and DO NOT park at the main restaurant parking lot, but behind the black fence instead. Cars parked in the main restaurant area are subject to towing. Parking is free. Please see attached drawing.



9. What to expect on the day of rental?

It is extremely important that all participants arrive at least 20 min prior to scheduled time. This will ensure a smooth check in and on-board training and will get you out on the water at your scheduled time. The driver needs to bring a valid ID and a credit card (for $500 damage hold) and if you are using a voucher we need a print out or to see it on your phone with a matching ID.  All boats are equipped with coolers. You will get a FREE PIZZA with every cruise, that you will bake yourself on our revolutionary Pizza Oven, that is incredibly easy to use and makes a crisp, delicious pizza in 6 minutes!

Please bring your Bluetooth device for music, cameras, sunscreen and appropriate clothing. The boats are equipped with Bimini Tops, so you can regulate your shade. You will receive an on-boat orientation and training, a map with a suggested rout and you are ready to go! Should you have any questions/ requests- we are here for you, so don’t hesitate to ask.


10. What’s not allowed?

Docking anywhere else except our docks. This is due to safety reasons as well as to protect our boats from damage. There will be a $250 fine assessed if you dock elsewhere (boats are GPS monitored). Glass containers, except of wine and Champagne bottles are not allowed. Pets have to stay home, too (unless a registered service animal). Other items we do not allow include and are not limited to: firearms, illegal drugs, anything that can be lit (candles, fireworks), explosive/ flammable materials, liquids, gels, aerosol paint, dangerous chemicals.


11. Are lifejackets provided?

Yes. All children under 13 MUST wear a life jacket at all times, from the moment you step onto the boat to when you are off the boat at our dock. This is a USCG regulation that is strictly enforced. We have lifejackets for kids and toddlers but please bring your own infant lifejacket . All adult lifejackets are stowed in an easily accessible storage compartments.

11. What is the cancellation policy?

There are no refunds and cancellations. If you wish to reschedule it must happen no less than 48 hours prior to your scheduled cruise and a rescheduling fee of $30.00 will be assessed. Should the manager deem the weather to be unsafe prior to your departure, a raincheck will be offered and you can reschedule at no cost.